Accessibility Policy

Gateley Capitus Limited is committed to ensuring our website is accessible and inclusive for all user groups. The following information covers our approach and the steps taken to achieve an accessible website.


This site is built using W3C valid HTML5 and CSS3

This site uses valid CSS for visual layout and styling.

This site uses structured semantic markup. For example, table markup is used for data tables, lists are marked up using list elements, and headings are marked up as headings, and so on.


Text can be resized using relative units to allow it to be resized by users of any browser. This can be done by selecting View – Text Size in your browser.

Primary content has been structured to be readable in any browser or device, regardless of whether it supports images, style sheets, scripting or plugins.

Text and background colour combinations have been considered to ensure that the contrast is sufficient.


All links can be followed in any browser, even if scripting is turned off.

An effort has been made to ensure all links to pages are clear, and hyperlinks are clearly presented in a different text style from the normal body text.


All images use descriptive ALT attributes.

Decorative images may include null ALT attributes.

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