Tax incentives on property development

Whether you are acting as an investor or a trader, managing financial risk is critical. An important aspect which should not be overlooked is the opportunity to maximise capital allowances and other tax reliefs.

Tax incentives on property development

Developers who take advantage of the full array of tax incentives, such as capital allowances, often see a marked improvement in cash flow, improved margins and mitigation of financial risk. There is more case law relating to capital allowances than any other area of tax and without a complete understanding of the legal basis and construction rationale, significant value can too easily be lost.

How we help

Our team, with expertise in surveying, accountancy, tax and law, understand all the issues and opportunities relevant to a developer. We have developed a suite of services that are tailored to working on projects from the largest city centre regeneration to a small redevelopment of an existing building.

Considering tax relief opportunities early in the design and construction phase can add significant benefit, not only to cash flow during construction but also upon completion and beyond.

In all cases, our advice is straightforward, pragmatic and timely, especially in areas such as:

  • Reviewing land purchases for potential remediation works and the availability of Land Remediation Relief for the clean-up of contaminated land, derelict sites and asbestos removal
  • Assessing the tax efficiency of water and energy efficient system specification and considering the tax advantages of design choices
  • Preparing valuation reports for inclusion in sales material for onward sale developments, and potentially significantly enhancing the final sale price
  • Preparing supporting documentation to ensure enhanced capital allowances are maximised and presented in an acceptable format to HMRC
  • Improving cash flow with yearly valuation reports to accelerate the tax savings and advice on opportunities to take advantage of tax credits
  • Prepare fully disclosed and transparent valuation reports to ensure HMRC are satisfied with our approach, protecting our client’s reputation and mitigating against the risk of discovery assessments

Why developers choose us

We have worked on some of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most high-profile projects during the last 20 years and early involvement in these developments has yielded significant benefits to our clients.

Our strength lies in our ability to work behind the scenes with a range of internal and external stakeholders. We deliver a professional and adaptable service with a mix of specialist disciplines, complementing your tax, finance, property and design teams.

Enhanced capital allowances

Attracting a 100% first-year allowance, enhanced capital allowances are an important consideration at design stage planning for asset management and new build construction projects.

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Land Remediation Relief

Land Remediation Relief attracts 150% tax relief and can be claimed by both developers and investors, regardless of whether the development is held as a fixed asset or as trading stock.

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Tax incentives on fit-out and refurbishment

Owning the freehold is not necessary to claim capital allowances. As a tenant or occupier, you will incur expenditure on a fit-out and refurbishment and as much as 90% of the total expenditure could qualify for tax relief.

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Tax incentives on property investment

Investors are continuously identifying opportunities to improve margins and enhance returns and capital allowances can play a significant role in this value engineering.

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Real Estate Advisory Services

Assembling the range of expertise you need for any new property investment or development project can be time-consuming and difficult to achieve. With our Real Estate Advisory Services, we can project manage this in-house.

Real estate advisory services

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