Budget 18 – Has there ever been a better time to invest in commercial property?

In this month’s Insider Ireland’s Business Matters, director Aubrey Calderwood outlines changes that were introduced in the 2018 Budget and why they can be a positive change for commercial property investors.

Aubrey says: “A tongue-in-cheek statement, of course. Brexit uncertainty and global economic issues are two factors that perhaps make investment in commercial property a less attractive proposition for investors and owner occupiers than it once was.

“However, if we consider the fiscal tax incentives introduced by the UK Treasury in the 2018 Budget, that statement may not be that far off the mark.”

Aubrey goes on to explain that there were two main measures that those who incur expenditure on commercial property assets should sit up and take notice of.

He says: “The first is a change in the rate of the Annual Investment Allowance and the second is the introduction of a new Structures and Buildings Allowance. Possibly not earth-shattering measures when taken in isolation but they should definitely form part of the decision-making process when considering undertaking a capital investment in a commercial real estate asset.”

To read the rest of Aubrey’s Budget review, you can access the full article on the Insider Ireland website here, or to discuss further, please contact our team.

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